Employment Law - Hints, Tips and Surgery

This is a session offering you the chance to ask Sherry, an HR and Health and Safety Professional questions you have around the employment of people. What you might need to do and how to go about starting the employment process.

We want to give all attendees the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the session, therefore complex scenarios and situations with extensive details are best addressed through individual consultations (offered through our separate consultancy service).

The information provided in this free session is for general guidance and shouldn't be considered a substitute for professional legal advice. Neither the host nor OxLEP is responsible for the application of the information or advice given during the webinar.


Additional Information:
This webinar is not intended to provide solutions for highly complex employment law matters. If you require in-depth legal advice for intricate situations, please consider our consultancy services (separate fees apply). By registering, you agree that the information provided during the webinar is for informational purposes only.


This Workshop is being delivered by:

Sherry White

Sherry White has over 12 years of experience running businesses, with qualifications in health & safety, Leadership & Management and Employment Law. Sherry works with businesses, typically micro and small, supporting their HR, Health & Safety and Leadership development needs.
She has wide sector experience with specialisms in working within hospitality, professional services, and scientific organisations. As CEO of a local consultancy business – Oxford People Solutions, Sherry has delivered successful


Date 23/07/2024
Time 12.30 - 13.30pm
Event type Online
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