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When booking your place on an EnSpire Oxford event or making an application to one of our programmes via Inkpath, you'll receive a whole host of benefits in the process. You'll be able to track the new skills that you've gained after completing the activity, learn about additional programmes or events that would be perfect for you, and carve out your own individual entrepreneurial path as you work your way through each stage. 

There's no time like the present - why not create your Inkpath account now by following the below link and signing in using your SSO.


Inkpath Sign Up

Follow the below link and sign up to Inkpath using your SSO.

Upon signing in you will be prompted to enter your name, subsidiary (division), programme (course) and cohort. Please note, under cohort you need to select the year that you are taking part in EnSpire activities, and not the year that you started University.


Take me to Inkpath


Once you have signed up to Inkpath, click on the 'Find Activities' tab on the left along the top of your screen.

Use the search and date filter functions to find a specific activity.

Once you find an activity, depending on whether the course is booked via Inkpath, you can see the following options:

  • Book your activity: To register for the programme or event
  • Join the waiting list: if the course is full
  • Cancel your place: if you have an active booking.
  • Go to an external booking page: for activities managed locally (for example, Careers Service at the University of Oxford).


You can find your upcoming, past and completed activities on My Activities screen easily by using filtering option provided in that section. Once you find your activity, you will have more options available to you, like:

  • Remove it from your profile if you no longer are interested.
  • Check the details of your activity (time, date, location, website and short description).
  • View the activity website – this can offer more details, or external booking link.
  • Make notes for your own record, which will be kept in your profile and exported together with the details of your activity.
  • Mark your activity as complete and record your attendance - see the step below for more details

Once you have attended an event, you can record your attendance in Inkpath by following these steps:


1. Open

2. Press this button in the top right hand corner of your screen: 

record attendance button screenshot on Inkpath



3. Enter the unique event code that we have given you

4. Press the 'submit' button: 

submit button screenshot on Inkpath



5. Confirm your attendance by pressing the 'complete' button:

complete screenshot button image




Please note: QR code scanning in the mobile app is temporarily unavailable. We are working to restore this functionality. Please use the numeric code to register your attendance.

You can access this section of the app by clicking on the silhouette icon, located on the left-side of your navigation bar. This is where you can review and plan your development. The skills you will see here are based on the Employability Skills Framework, developed by the University of Oxford Careers Service, and the Entrecomp: European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework which focuses on skills that people need to be entrepreneurial and create financial, cultural or social value for others. To focus on development against these skills you may need to choose “Filter Skills” and change Organisation from “University of Oxford” to “Oxford: IDEA Programme” All activities in the Engaging with Entrepreneurship Programme are mapped to both frameworks, to help you track your skills progress. Here you can:

  • Check how much time you’ve logged in each of the skills areas.
  • Find activities mapped to the skill you wish to develop.

This section can be accessed by clicking on the target icon in your navigation bar. This is where you can:

  • See, review and work through the EnSpire Oxford entrepreneurship stages: Inspire, Equip, Launch and Grow.
  • Or, you can set up your own personal goals, populated by activities provided by EnSpire, your own activities, or a mixture of both. You may for instance wish to develop your pitching skills, and as part of your goal, you could add a couple of pitch slide deck to your target. Each time you complete your activity, your progress toward achieving the goal will be updated.

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