Growing and Diversifying Equity Investment - Participate in Research

Access to finance – particularly risk capital – continues to be a critical issue in ensuring the success of Oxfordshire’s innovation ecosystem.

Early-stage funding is likely to need particular attention particularly as we appear to be in a period of resetting, and many young companies are on a continuous treadmill of fund raising.  

Oxfordshire’s Innovation Engine 2023 (OIE), published by Advanced Oxford in June 2023, examined the equity/investment landscape in Oxfordshire over the last decade.  Some significant developments were noted, such as the creation of Oxford Science Enterprise (previously known as Oxford Sciences Innovation) and developments within angel investment system. However, the report also noted some weaknesses.

There is a need to see a growth in, and diversification of, finance options within the region, including attracting new players and funders into the ecosystem. We need to see more recycling of money made from exits and to encourage new, active angel investors to work in the region.  
Advanced Oxford is now undertaking a project aimed at identifying ways in which we can grow and diversify the number of risk capital investors operating within the region.  More details on the project, including the project’s Advisory Board can be found here.

The project will build a long-term picture of opportunities, issues and actions, looking across all science and technology-based companies, not just University of Oxford spin-outs.

Help us with our research
We are undertaking research using a mix of questionnaires and interviews that will help us to explore issues relating to perceptions of the Oxfordshire ecosystem, sourcing deal flow, ease of doing business, signposting, landing points and identification of any barriers within the Oxfordshire system.

Qualitative data will draw on the experiences of both companies operating within the region, company founders, and investors from different investor groups (angels, family offices, venture etc).

We invite you to share your experiences and views by participating in the research.  You can do this by either completing a short questionnaire, or by arranging an interview with one of the project team members.  If you would prefer to be interviewed, please contact Advanced Oxford’s Managing Director, Sarah Haywood ( to arrange a time.

Click the link below to find surveys for founders, company management teams and investors. Data is being collected between from now until 7th June, 2024.


Deadline Date 07.06.2024
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