InCube Challenge

Apply for the yearly InCube Challenge hosted by the ETH Entrepreneur Club from ETH Zurich. This two-week international innovation challenge taking place in the first two weeks of October offers a opportunity to tackle real-world challenges presented from industry giants like Microsoft, Roche, ABB, Siemens or many others. Held in iconic glass cubes in cities such as Zürich, Munich or Singapore, the InCube Challenge is your chance to engage directly with top industry leaders, learn valuable new skills, receive ongoing project support and improve your entrepreneurial thinking. Apply from any background and any university and all expenses are covered! You can focus fully on your entrepreneurial experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to challenge yourself, network, and grow. For more details and to apply, please click the button below!


Application Deadline 15/06/2024
Event Dates 08/10/2024 - 18/10/2024
Venue TBA in Switzerland
Event type In-person
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