Investment Planning For Growth Masterclass


If your business is based in West Oxfordshire, then you can register for this event. This Masterclass is delivered online.


In this Masterclass, you will look for the sweet spot of business growth where a step-change is possible to take a company to the next level. If funding is a significant hurdle to getting there, then how can entrepreneurs be best positioned and prepared to attract the right investment?

You will look at separating the owner’s growth plans from the day-to-day business plan. Then explore some different ways to fund step-change growth and try to find ways to match these to different situations.

By recognising the intended outcomes, both for owners and investors, you can work back to make the best possible start and focus on building good investment cases and a disciplined management approach that can be delivered in the real world.

This creates a strategic framework that makes a case for investment, chooses the preferred pathway, and builds the proposition to step out into the funding arena with confidence.

Don't miss this opportunity to prepare your business and position it for success with step-change growth that you may have doubted was possible or didn’t know where to start.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognition of the enabling factors - situation, opportunity, pathway, and approach.
  • Awareness of funding options, characteristics, and implications.
  • Understanding the expectations of the funding parties.
  • Some tools to build a case to convince funders to commit.

This Masterclass is being delivered by:

Phil Curtis, a specialist in transforming businesses towards a high-performance culture with a sustainable future. He has a toolkit for growth, change, and sustainability, built through 30 years leadership in global companies, small and large, across multiple sectors. His approach will help you to simplify your thinking, prioritise, and make good decisions that drive long-term success.


Date 13/06/2024
Time 13:00 - 15:00
Event type Online
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