Jack Fertility Research Study

Happy Movember! 

We need YOUR help to develop the ageing algorithm that enables Jack to offer the postal test. We need participants in our research study to drop sperm samples to our lab at the Wood Centre for Innovation to validate our postal option. As such we are offering free semen analysis (worth over 200 GBP), transport, and a free Common Ground coffee to do a test. 

More information can be found here: https://www.jackfertility.co.uk/research

including comprehensive FAQs 

We need all levels of sperm quality from a large diversity of people for the study. Participation in the study is completely confidential and all data will be anonymised, but you will get your results, explained in an easy to understand way. 

If you have sperm, please consider taking part (taxis to Headington will be reimbursed). If you don't have sperm, and still want to support Jack, please spread the news about testing. If you can't or don't want to test, please consider following our socials, particularly LinkedIn. 


Date November
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