ow to build a successful brand by Marketing Camp

This month’s speaker is Catherine Warrilow, Brand Strategy Director at The Plot. Catherine lives in Abingdon and has done for over 20 years with her family, her favourite colour is candy pink (the Barbie movie was her idea of heaven), she enjoys collecting car boot sale treasures, and once she got to spend a night dancing with the marvellous Sir Trevor Macdonald.

She'll be walking us through everything it takes to build a brand from scratch, using attraction ticketing business Days Out (where she spent two years as Managing Director, growing the business from the ground up) as a case study to keep things super practical.

We'll start by looking at laying the foundations, focusing on how to do relevant and meaningful research and make realistic plans for your resources and timelines. Next we'll explore how to develop the heart of the brand itself - the proposition and USPs, the identity, the actual product/service, and what your customers will need and want from you. Then we'll think about how to push it all out into the world, developing marketing and PR strategies to get your brand in front of the right people - all with a low-budget, challenger-brand mindset.

And although the Days Out journey follows a start-up, the insights Catherine will be sharing about what successful brands need to have and do hold true for businesses at any stage.


Date 14th December
Time 18:00 - 20:00
Venue Oxford, OX2 6TP 
Event type Talk
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