Marketing Camp - How to handle a crisis

This month’s speaker is Paul Sutton, an independent digital marketing consultant. Paul lives in West Oxfordshire in a 250-year-old former coaching inn with his wife, three kids, one dog, two cats, five chickens, and an outrageously cute rabbit, he's landed the coveted gig of social media coordinator for London's famous NYE fireworks three years running now, and once when he was 13 he broke two school windows in two separate incidents in a single day.

He'll be speaking to us about how to manage your comms and marketing when things go wrong for your company.

We'll kick off with some basics, including understanding exactly what counts as a crisis and what doesn't. We'll also look at different types of crises (e.g. internal vs. external issues) and how social media has changed the game and disrupted a lot of traditional crisis management approaches.

Then we'll go through a whole series of best-practice tips, looking at how we need to communicate, when, where, and with who. We'll also touch on how to make sure we don't make things worse (!!!), how to say sorry like we mean it, and how to make sure our response is consistent across the organisation.


How our gatherings usually go

🍻 6pm: Doors open for (free) drinks, marketing chit-chat, and - let's face it - probably at least some small talk about the weather

🧑‍🏫 6.30-7.30pm: A brilliant marketing talk from a knowledgeable and interesting human, plus some Q&A and informal group discussion

🤓 7.30-7.45pm: It’s GUS time (that’s Genuinely Useful Stuff)

🍻 7.45-8pm: More (still free) drinks and fun chat, hopefully about more interesting stuff than the weather by this point

Hosted by brand voice strategist Bethany Joy, in partnership with the fantastic Oxford College of Marketing.


Date 22/02/2024
Time 18:00-20:00

Makespace Oxford,

1 Aristotle Lane,



Event type Networking
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