How to make AI part of your marketing toolkit

This month’s speaker is Andy Gordon from Torchbox in Charlbury. Andy was raised on a small island so loves a bit of cliff diving, climbing, surfing and wild swimming, he has two young daughters, and he's weirdly obsessed with 'uncertainty experts' (is that a real job?)

Using AI is a bit like sex in secondary school - everybody's talking about it, but nobody's actually doing it. Whether we're avoiding it because it's unfamiliar or scary, or whether we're keen but just haven't had time to get to grips with it, the reality is that most marketers aren't making the most of the latest technology.

So Andy's talk will be helping to make AI feel less enormous and confusing and instead give us practical examples of how we could be using it in our day-to-day work. We'll start with a big-picture intro to AI, focusing on generative AI, to make sure we're all clear on where the tech is up to. And we'll look at a few strategic, real-life examples of how it can be useful in marketing.

Then we'll delve into one or two specific tools, poking around to see how they can be used to help us save time and money. And we'll end by looking at what the risks of using AI are and some things to watch out for, learning how we can head off potential problems from the start.


How our gatherings usually go

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🧑‍🏫 6.15-7.15pm: A brilliant marketing talk from a knowledgeable and interesting human, plus some Q&A and informal group discussion

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🍻 7.30-8pm: More (still free) drinks and fun chat, hopefully about more interesting stuff than the weather by this point

Hosted by brand voice strategist Bethany Joy, in partnership with the fantastic Oxford College of Marketing.

Date 13/06/2024
Time 18:00-20:00

Makespace Oxford

1 Aristotle Lane



Event type In-person
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