Oxford Alpha Fund: Bootcamp and Analyst Applications

The Oxford Alpha Fund are excited to open applications to our Michaelmas 2023 Bootcamp and Analyst programmes!
Apply for our Bootcamp to kickstart your career in finance with a comprehensive course on fundamental/quantitative investing. Apply to our Analyst programme to build research skills, model complex businesses, and present to industry professionals. 

•    Bootcamp applications: https://forms.gle/nycfmnGwxgtCsXaSA
•    Analyst applications: https://forms.gle/9aksf64ndFjdkHsx8
•    Learn more about our programmes at oxfordalphafund.com/apply
•    Recommended prep for fundamental: https://www.morganstanley.com/im/publication/insights/articles/article_t...


Date Applications will close when places are filled
Event type Training
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