OxLEP - CXO Masterclass: Strategic Planning

This Masterclass will explore the key capabilities that every CEO / CFO / 'CXO' should have for Strategic Planning:

  1. Vision Development: Beginning with a clear vision that outlines the future direction and purpose of the business.
  2. Setting SMART Goals: Establishing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals aligned with the vision.
  3. Execution and Adaptation: Execution is where the rubber meets the road.

By understanding these aspects of strategic planning—vision development, setting SMART goals, and effective execution—a small business leader can chart a clear path towards sustainable growth and success.


Paul Holmes – OxLEP Business Advisor/ Managing Director - PCH Business Consultants. Paul helps overwhelmed business leaders do a lot less firefighting, improve profitability, improve revenues, find more strategic time and start to think differently.

Date 21/03/2024
Time 10.00-12.00
Event type Online
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