OxLEP - Digital Sales Masterclass

Welcome to a special edition of “Mastering Digital Sales” – a live and exclusive event! Join us for an immersive session where we unveil key strategies to elevate your sales team’s performance in the dynamic landscape of online business development.

In this unique event, we’ll cover:

Decoding Digital Underperformance: Uncover the three pivotal reasons why sales teams may struggle online and gain insights into overcoming these challenges.

Crafting Compelling Value in Digital Spaces: Learn hands-on techniques to ensure your sales team effectively communicates and delivers value across various digital channels, capturing the attention of your target audience.

Revolutionizing Cold-Calling in the Digital Era: Empower your cold-callers with the skills and tactics needed to excel in the online sales arena, transforming them into digital sales dynamos.

Navigating Corporate Sales in a Social World: Explore the intricacies of corporate selling in today’s social-driven environment, and discover strategies to succeed in the ever-evolving online business landscape.

Who Should Join:
This live event is tailored for sellers and marketers, seeking effective solutions for the unique challenges posed by the transition to a digital sales paradigm.

Meet Your Host & Trainer – Dean Seddon:
Our guide for this exclusive event is Dean Seddon, the innovative founder of Maverrik. Dean is an international speaker and consultant renowned for his expertise in social selling strategy. With a track record of successfully guiding FTSE-listed companies, Dean brings a wealth of knowledge. Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into his insights.

Join us for this special event, seize the chance to revolutionize your sales strategies, and stay at the forefront of the digital sales revolution!

Minimal Financial Assistance (MFA) scheme

The Growth Hub programme operates a Minimal Financial Assistance (MFA) scheme. All SMEs which receive support under this programme are being aided under the UK Subsidy Control Act (2022) and The Subsidy Control (Gross Cash Amount and Gross Cash Equivalent) Regulations (2022 No. 1186).

MFA allows a beneficiary to receive up to £315,000 of Subsidy over a three-fiscal year period (i.e. the current and previous two fiscal years). The value of MFA given is the gross cash amount or the gross cash equivalent of the subsidy. The MFA value of this webinar is £723.40.


Date 21/02/2024
Time 09:00-12:00

Leonardo Royal Hotel Oxford - Formerly Jurys Inn,

Godstow Road,



Event type Live
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