OxLEP - Mindful Leadership in Action: Tools for Lasting Resilience

In this interactive one-hour workshop participants will boost their resilience and wellbeing through manageable, everyday mindful practices.

Participants will have chance to

  • explore the evidence-based benefits and neuroscience behind mindful approaches in the workplace
  • learn short, practical tools they can turn to during the working day when they need extra support, energy or relief
  • reflect on how to integrate mindful approaches into daily working life in order to manage stress, boost resilience, and improve focus and wellbeing.

All the tools and practices shared will be evidence based, secular, adapted to the workplace, and trauma and neurodivergent sensitive. They are equally suitable for beginners, as well as people with previous mindfulness experience.

Participants will leave with practical tools they can immediately start using, both in their professional and personal lives, to create positive and meaningful change for themselves and their teams.


Your expert

Karen Janes is a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator and owner of The KJ way.

With 20 years’ experience in leadership and people development roles in the charity sector, she’s seen, and felt, many of the challenges of our modern-day workplaces - stress, burnout, change, disengaged teams and lack of leadership trust; as well as the many unique challenges of being a solopreneur!

After a period of work-related burnout, she left her last career to establish The KJ way to bring the evidence-based benefits of mindfulness into the workplace. She offers workshops, programmes and consultancy to embed evidence-based mindful approaches into organisational cultures equipping teams with powerful and transformational toolkits, so everyone can flourish and thrive at work. The overall outcome is teams that are engaged, who feel valued, and are committed to organisational success.




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Date 26/02/2024
Time 12:30-13:30
Venue Online
Event type Workshop
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