Panacea Stars-Develop Winter Cohort-Applications Open

Applications are now open for the Develop Phase of Panacea Stars that enables early-stage deep science founders to de-risk and fund their start-up, whilst competing for a prize worth £100k.

We welcome ideas at all stages of development that have the potential to impact human health – anything from therapeutics and diagnostics to medical devices, apps and research platforms. 

•    We have previously selected finalists with ideas ranging from the very early stage to patent-protected, as well as university start-ups to potential spin-outs. Panacea equips innovators in the life science and healthcare domains with an all-inclusive R&D and commercialisation turnkey package paired with capital to help translate research high quality science into investable assets and thriving companies. Since its genesis at the University of Oxford in 2015, Panacea has helped some of the world’s leading scientists, entrepreneurs and clinicians building +250 companies thus far that offer cutting-edge technologies. Our top performing 55 companies have a value of +£600m, with several exits realised, including the recent acquisition of DJS antibodies by AbbVie for $255m.


Deadline 12/11/2023
Time 23.59
Event type Programme
Application required Apply Here