Space Technology Conference

The University of Oxford is holding a Space Technology Conference on 7 November 2023 at St Hilda’s College, Oxford.  The aim of the conference is to showcase what Oxford and its partners are doing related to space technology, and to engage the space community to uncover potential new collaborations for research and translation.  We will also hold a number of breakout sessions geared to informing a new Oxford SpaceTech Institute that is currently being scoped. 

Registration is free of charge, as the University is hoping to welcome engagement and seek input from stakeholders in space tech.  This event is targeted at Oxford research leaders, space-sector industry, Government, public bodies and other research institutes.  The event is also open to post-doctoral researchers directly involved in space tech.

Areas of focus for the conference include:


Small spacecraft and instruments, from design and build to launch and operations

Digital (AI, downstream on-earth applications e.g. climate, natural disasters, nature)

Enabling business growth and investment

Propulsion, including hypersonics

Microgravity medical, materials and robotics experiments and solutions

A broader Space @ Oxford Annual Conference, covering other areas of space research at Oxford, will take place in July 2024.


Date 7/11/2023
Time 09.00 am
Venue St Hilda's College
Event type Conference
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