Unlocking Neurodiversity in Leadership by OxLEP

This webinar stands as a vibrant beacon for business leaders seeking to harness the strengths within their neurodiverse diagnoses.

Have you considered that the very differences you grapple with could be your leadership superpowers?

Together, we'll navigate the wealth of neurodiversity, learning to celebrate and utilise our unique traits for enhanced well-being and effective leadership. Emma's first-hand insights illuminate how neurodiverse talents, from innovative problem-solving to creative thinking, are invaluable assets.

This session is more than just coping with neurodiversity—it's about leveraging it for success and enabling collective growth. Recognise your strengths and build your leadership confidence.

Your expert

Emma Redman - Empowered

Empowerment and understanding are the cornerstones of her coaching practice. As someone who has navigated the complexities of life, including her own diagnosis of ADHD, She brings a unique perspective and deep empathy to her role as an empowerment coach. Emma's journey has been rich and challenging, marked by mental health challenges, supporting her spouse through alcoholism recovery, and overcoming personal losses. This journey has not only made her resilient but also acutely aware of the diverse needs and challenges individuals face.


Date 25/01/2024
Time 16:00
Venue Online
Event type Talk
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