Women Who Build

Company-building is the fuel of the global economy, yet less than 10% of startups have female-only founding teams, and just 2% of VC funding is allocated to female founders globally. As early-stage investors, we've witnessed this firsthand. Our thesis is that, growing up, women lack the entrepreneurial role models to encourage them to take risks, believe in themselves, and seize opportunities. It is time for a change.

Introducing "Women Who Build" (WWB) — we're on a mission to empower women to recognise and unleash their founders' superpowers early, specifically within university settings. We want every single female student in the UK to consider the entrepreneurial path - as they do for consulting and banking, in whatever shape or form, and feel equipped to relentlessly pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

How? We believe that exceptional life paths emerge from exposure to the right people and resources, at the right time. We're establishing a one-stop-shop to propel female students' access to the right knowledge, mentors, peers, and internship opportunities. We like to think of it as a playground — a safe, resource-rich environment to learn, experiment, and have a great time!

Access to our exclusive spring programme in the UK (launching 8 April) for firsthand startup world immersion.
Mentorship with high-profile founders from YC, EF and tier-1 VC investors in the European startup ecosystem.
Events, workshops and programs to support and turn your vision into impact.
Let’s build and reshape the future of startups and industries! 💥

Application Deadline 15/02/2024
Event type Programme
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